AAPA Centennial Opening Video - Port of Seattle

This video only scratches the surface of our beautiful city and the people that live here, so there is still much to discover. If you haven't been to Seattle, perhaps this will act as inspiration to make the trip. There was a lot of great footage left on the cutting room floor and some of the time lapse is not on screen long enough to see the interesting patterns form. Producer: David Johnson Creative Director: Tom Schabarum Art Director: Bryan Schaeffer Film Director: Mark Feijo Camera Operators: Mark Feijo, Tom Anderson, David Johnson Motion Graphics: Bryan Schaeffer Sound Editor and FX: Enrico Benjamin Editor: Mark Feijo Assistant Editor: Jean-Luc Jackson Shot list coordinator: Diane Fisch

AAPA 100th Centennial Conference Opening Video - The Port of Seattle
Winner 2012 Telly Award "Seattle Is My Home" Visual Effects

I worked with the creative teams at Mind Opera and Flying Fortress Films to develop the look and feel of the Port of Seattle Association of Port Authorities Centennial Conference opening video and thematic panoramic backgrounds.
The sea ports of the world revolve around water. We gave homage to this with a stylized NW touch in creating looping backgrounds for the 3x1 projection screen.
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