Infamous for it’s temperamental weather if you can find an opportunity, between thunderstorms and snowstorms make a bid for the rocky summit.

Climb Granite Peak: the high-point of Montana via a lengthy approach, consistent exposure above 10,000 feet and challenging route finding to the rocky summit.

A pleasant trail winds along the West fork of Rosebud Creek climbing to Mystic Lake before switchbacking even more steeply up to Froze-to-Death Plateau. Make high camp where you can find water and some shelter against the relentless winds that blow across the high elevation 10,000 foot plateau.
Make sure to get an early start as the Froze-to-Death Plateau can be slow going, finding the route between cairns, and bivy sites scattered across the 6 miles.
The peak first comes into view uncovering the daunting north face. Spot the south face route along the left skyline. Descend 1,500 feet to the final bivy notch before regaining the elevation on 3rd class broken rock. A notch at the south ridge offers a view of the snow bridge crossing and first few pitches; is a good place to rope up.
Navigate the lower chimneys to belay stances to gain a notch through the cat ears. Descend another 3rd class section and climb another chimney to gain the final rock pitches below the keyhole feature. Pulling around the corner to the left of the keyhole finishes with an easy scramble to the blocky summit.
Safely rappel and down climb the route, keeping in mind it is a long way back from Granite Peak, the high point of Montana.
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