Our Assignment:
"Friend Me" is a comedy starring Nick Braun and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as childhood best friends who move to Los Angeles from a small Midwestern town. Your twenties are a time for excitement, exploration, and epic adventures, at least according to Rob… but Evan is of the opinion that anything beyond his man-cave is a hassle waiting to happen. As the guys make a life for themselves and move (sometimes gracefully, often disastrously,) toward adulthood, they'll be launched into hilarious adventures they never could have even dreamed of back in their small home town.
What we would like to say to the Audience?
- In the first 3-4 seconds, show the journey of our characters from Indiana to Los Angeles.  Then over the remaining 6-10 seconds, show that this is getting ready to be the craziest adventure of their lives.
Agency: ShutterPunch / Trent Smith
Creative Director: Bryan Schaeffer
Producer: Mark Fiejo
Friend Me Logo Concepts
Concept 1:
Virtual World
Illustrated animation style of our characters blogging/texting/Instagraming about their misadventures in LA. Play with going in/out of phone technique.
Concept 2:
Friend Me Interface
Utilizing components of social media/clips from the show in interface.
Concept 3:
Illustrated characters interact throgh the real world through animated bodies.
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