My grandfather told me that you don't have to know everything, but to know your subject well, give credit and appreciate people. 

He said to operate with integrity, treat people as you would want to be treated and big things will happen. 

This will have a tremendous impact.

Collaborating with talented and motivated teams to educate and inspire can be highly rewarding for all those involved.

Below are ten of my most memorable career moments over the past ten years. 

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Agency: Mind Opera
Provided Art Direction for background graphics as well as wide-screen multimedia speaker support for Bill Gates, speaking at the Global Immunization Celebration in Abu Dhabi. 

The Prince of Abu Dhabi liked the graphics so much that he requested the main map artwork for future presentations.
Client: THQ, Rainbow Studios
Agency: Radarworks

Created dueling campaigns for the launch of a new motocross racing video game.  I designed and animated a prototype animation to show the game builders what the intro screen could look like.

They ended up using my animation as the introduction animation to the game!

Client: Seattle Public Health
Agency: Colehour + Cohen
Campaign success featured in a King 5 news article.  See news video here.
"Washington State is leading the country and maybe most of the world in decreasing HIV infections.  It is a miracle, amazing."
Dr. Rob Killian
Family Physician

"The campaign has helped Washington reduce HIV infections by 27% from 2010 to 2014."
King 5 News

"Governor Inslee wants other states to follow Washington's lead by adopting public health policy that benefits everyone."

King 5 News

Seeing a benefit to the community at large is the most rewarding part of this work.
Winning my first Emmy at the 50th Anniversary NATAS was quite an honor. 

Working closely with the King 5 Creative Department, we created a series of 4 TV spots with quirky insights for different news anchors.  Supported by social media games like guess the anchor gave the campaign a life of its own.

Working with talented teams and clients that are open to developing creative and taking some risks can really turn out.  We partnered with King 5 Creative on another campaign a few years later which lead to another Emmy
® and Promax award.
Client: Beaverhead Brewery
Agency: SINTR
Sometimes you have to “build it and they will come.” 
After accidentally brewing a double IPA (it turned out great) I got carried away with the spirit of micro-brewing and designed a custom beer label for our creation “The Drunken Sailor Ale” and even shot a 30 second ad with animation, motion tracking special effects, the works.
A year later Beaverhead Brewery (a new brewery in Dillon, Montana) contacted me, a “Dillon Boy,” to see if I had done any brewery-related design work.
I showed them the spoof Drunken Sailor spot and they asked SINTR® to develop the branding for the brewery which includes logo development for the brand and labels, building signage, packaging for all products, and designing the web site.

A short documentary style video of the Brewery Received 6,500 views in Facebook overnight and 10,000 by the weekend.

There aren't even that many people in the county!


Client: Microsoft
Agency: Radarworks

Sometimes you have to “grab the bull by the horns.” Having experience building PowerPoint presentations in some high-profile stressful positions left me with the mind set of often “biting off more that I can chew.”  Frequently I find myself figuring out new technologies while on assignment with definitive deadlines. 

As an example, my first time using Final Cut pro on an editing suite was this $200,000 + budget project.

Ultimate faith in me by my superior was all I needed to succeed and boldly go where I hadn’t dared before.

Client: The Space Needle
Agency: Radarworks

This is one of my favorite design projects to date. 
It doesn't get any more iconic than this in the Northwest.
During our research we discovered that The Space Needle is the most iconic form of "Googie" architecture (think Jetsons).  With this in mind in order to keep true to the spirit of the Worlds Fair while updating the interactive and web presence we developed a modern twist to the look we lovingly refer to as "Newggie."

The work was so effective at drawing greater numbers up the needle to attractions that the motion graphics screens that I animated played at the ticket booths for six years!

Client: Microsoft
Agency: Mind Opera

What is Your Impossible?
Some of our team projects are on a massive scale.  Wrap-around screens 90 feet wide, 90 minutes of multimedia content with lofty goals of increasing sales by billions.
Creating internal campaigns on these larger-than-life canvases presents certain challenges, but also brilliant opportunities to connect the most valuable players with on-target communications to reach broad goals. 

Having developed creative and multimedia production for 8 Microsoft Global Exchange programs over the years I am always impressed with the spectacular stages and value given to this form of person to person communications.

Client: Washington State Fair
Agency: Radarworks

We were chosen to create the last campaign for the "Puyallup Fair" before it was re-branded to the Washington State Fair.  Making the most out of this regional icon in TV, radio, out-of-home, print and web in a "scorched earth" coverage across the Puget Sound media outlets. 

According to our client, this was one of the most successful campaigns in years.

Client: King 5
Agency: SINTR

King 5 asked SINTR to design colorful abstract wall graphics for the interior of the new King 5 headquarters in South Seattle.

After visiting the space in person and photographing the walls, we presented a variety of design options photo-simulated into the environment.

King 5 chose a bright abstract design inspired by the primary colors and shapes in the NBC Peacock.  The artwork brings color and life to the space insinuating a colorful sunrise.

This often serves as the backdrop for reporters on Broadcast TV news features.

SINTR® is a Creative Studio that partners with agencies to create moving experiences for prominent brands.

Want to make an impact? 

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