King County Metro Brand Campaign

That public transit, and Metro in particular, is part of our local culture and an integral part of what makes our community what it is. We want them to think of Metro and riding public transit as the being good for the environment and a way to battle increasing traffic and congestion in our region. We want them to think of Metro as current/innovative, community-minded, friendly and helpful. We want people to feel good about leaving their SOV behind and using other ways to get to work and be proud of doing so.

Love the Planet: Get on Board
Transit Station Billboards & Buss-boards
Love the Planet:  Get on Board
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King County Metro Branding/Reputation Campaign Assignment:
Reinforce a positive brand perception of Metro as an organization committed to sustainability and improving the mobility and quality of life in our community.
Metro is making the Northwest a better place to live.
Create a branding/reputation campaign for King County Metro to be executed via bus ads and transit tunnel “billboards”.
Agency: Colehour + Cohen
Creative Concepts: Vandy Kindred, Bryan Schaeffer
Account Executive: Amanda Godwin
Art Direction / Graphic Design: Bryan Schaeffer
Transit Billboard
Next Stop: Less Congestion
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