Client: Reflections at St. Lukes
Creative Director: Byron Tucker
Art Direction: / Illustration / Animation: Bryan Schaeffer

Assignment:  Create a tasteful illustrated/animated TV spot of female form modifications without being cartoonish or elicit.

Storyboards from Byron Tucker
Annc :   Be noticed………, not noticed……… be who you really want to be.              “Reflections” guiding you safely through the exciting world of self-improvement.

V.O. :  Reflections… in Clearwater.
               Logo and web address
“Be noticed” camera reveal rear tightening.
“Be noticed” camera reveal tummy tighten breast shape modification.
”Be not noticed” is shorting of nose, tightening of neck…..
”Reflections” camera pull back to full figure reveal…”guiding safely through the exciting world of self-improvement”
Logo build & silhouette building with Dr. Villanustre live footage reveal.
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