SCLC Marketing Video
Project Goals
•Establish the epic proportion of the problem
(individual and community problem).
•Demonstrate the advocacy focus that is unmet without SCLC
•Introduce SCLC, using photography, info graphics, voice over, and music.
•Establish what SCLC does for clients, statistics and call to action to give/donate/support. 
An estimated 2.3 to 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness each year.
More that half have mental illness
Many have physical or cognitive impairments
or disabilities
Many are not native English speakers
Many complex patients will only get better when issues outside of their medical matters are addressed
Under the best circumstances, their lives hold multiple challenges…
and burdens that most of us can only imagine
Without skilled free legal help, these individuals would not be able to benefit from the programs and laws currently in place
Recipients have trouble paying for medication, food and rent
Some of the most venerable citizens would quite simply
Only glimpse the so called
Societal safety net from below, having fallen through it
SCLC is advocating for those that need advocates 
To which they are entitled… 
SCLC helps disabled individuals living in deep poverty
gain a measure of income stability 
With a high success rate
And hundreds of cases closed
SCLC is supporting cause for social change
“Thank you SCLC!”
“Thank you SCLC!”
“Thank you SCLC!”
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