Seattle Goodwill Dontate Today Campaign:
Encourage donations to Seattle Goodwill locations.
Create branding/reputation campaigns for Seattle Goodwill to be executed web banners, dynamic ads, print ads, YouTube preroll, and celebrity charity auction.
Dynamic web ad
Agency: Colehour + Cohen
Creative Concepts: Vandy Kindred, Bryan Schaeffer
Account Executive: Ha Na Park
Copywriting: Vandy Kindred
Art Direction / Graphic Design: Bryan Schaeffer
Display case for charity auction donated celebrity clothing articles.
Local celebrities break up with their outfits urging others to donate to Goodwill today.
Wanz the rapper from the iconic Maclemore "Thriftshop" song.  
Is generously donating his creamsicle suit worn in the video to Goodwill fundraising auction.
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