Every good run requires a recovery beverage.
Crest Full Color Printed with emboss.
About Seattle Mountain Running Group - SMRG:
The Seattle Mountain Running group is a group of long-distance runners who get together for group runs in the mountains near Seattle. Tiger, Squak, Cougar, Si, Mailbox and Rattlesnake are local favorites. Preparing for and running in trail races and fun runs, volunteering at races and trail maintenance events, enjoying camaraderie, and running the mountain trails with a friendly vibe is what we're about.
Seattle Mountain Running Group "SMRG" logo development concepts:
In researching logos for running groups, formal and informal trail running events plenty of ideas came to mind.  Logo mark within the traction of a shoe, initials made up of the silhouettes of runners, logo within a splat of mud...
Weighing concepts I decided to pursue an iconic logo mark that can stand alone in a variety of sizes (Facebook Icon to finish line banner).  The word mark would be supplemented by a logo crest which features the prominent face of mount Si with runner in mid flight using poles (Will Thomas) photo by Glenn Tachiyama (Seattle Mountain Running Group members).  
Here are some examples of my proof-of-concept in different applications.
Black and White Word Mark and Crest.
Full Color Word Mark and Crest.
Itteration 1
Itteration 2
Itteration 3
Itteration 4
Word Mark on T-Shirt.
Black and White Crest on distressed paper.
Now get out there and run!
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