How do you educate & inspire teams within a company?

The Take 2 and Take 5 series crafted in our refined “house style” of motion graphics utilizes icons, infographics, stock photography and type.

The video style has proven to be highly effective engaging audiences to retain more information more quickly than traditional webinars, emails, or PowerPoint slides.

We replaced monthly 45-minute mandatory snooze-fest webinars with the Take 5 infotainment series. 
Now employees actually look forward to the release of the next episode!

The up to 5 Minute videos share key concepts and marching orders.  Stored on the intranet, are also accessible to reference back to as a resource.

If you have a complex idea or message to explain, this type of video may be an effective tool.

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Agency: Extreme Meetings
Script: Brian Walter
Voice Over: Jeff Hoyt
Sound Design: Tom McGurk
Creative Direction, Motion Graphics, Editing: Bryan Schaeffer

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