WATCHOUT presentation for 2013 Toyota of North America Dealers Meeting in Atlanta, GA.
Mind Opera was hired by Maritz to create a WATCHOUT presentation that included a Road trip themed walk-in loop along with wide screen backgrounds spread along a 5 screen projection setup with projection masking.  The screen design and lighting by Alex Berry Design stretched the length of the ballroom and was an impressive backdrop for the speakers.

Agency: Maritz (
Executive Producer: Stacey Zeller
Staging and Lighting Design: Alex Berry (
Creative Director: David Marshall
Production Team: Mind Opera Team (
Art Director: David Johnson
Graphic Design: Loren O'Laughlin
Visual Effects: Bryan Schaeffer
WATCHOUT programming: Tamara Yurkan
Starting off with Toyota’s Let’s go places theme, Mind Opera worked with Maritz to come up with a creative concept that would transport the audience to the past.  We wanted the audience to remember the smells, tastes and sights of an average American road trip from the 50’s or 60’s.  The smell of bacon being cooked when you woke up the first morning of a fishing trip, the feel of putting your hand out the car window to catch the wind, even a post card or trinket that was picked up at a souvenir shop next to a bigger than life Paul Bunyan and Babe statue.  
The screens were expansive and bigger than life, so we had an opportunity to really create a sense of childlike wonderment in a modern day setting.  If we accomplished that then anything was possible… even Jackalopes.
It's the emotions created by traveling and arriving at a vacation destination.
Thematic Words: Excitement, Anticipation, Beginning, Adventure, Possibilities and New.
Concept 2:  BEING THERE
Once arriving at a destination a different set of memories and emotions are formed.  It's the memories of the people, places, and experiences that bond you to that moment.  Sometimes these emotions are stirred by a sound, a smell or touch.  What triggers in us is an urge to relive that moment to make it fresh again.
Thematic words: Friendship, Family, Joy, Play, Curiosity, Exploration, Discovery.
Concept: It's the emotions created by the excitment of traveling and arriving at your destination.
Thematic Words: Excitement, Anticipation, Beginning, Adventure, New, Possibilities.
Let's Go Places.
Caption: The finished look was a compilation of video, photo montages and still.
Projection masking (the green signifies the mask) was used within the WATCHOUT program to frame the smaller screens. (Photo by David Johnson)
Imagery gathered from iconic destinations from across the country was designed to give the nostalgic feel of a family road trip. (Photo by David Johnson)
Wrap-around background graphics acted as dramatic staging for the keynote with a flair of Americana. (Photo by Alex Berry)
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