Wild Waves asked SINTR + FORTRESS FILMS to create a year-long advertising campaign concept that would communicate through broadcast, radio, environmental, and the web.
With the challenge of spreading awareness that Wild Waves is two parks in one (water and theme park) we created a campaign that would feature all the highpoints targeted year round attractions.
We developed the "Go___" campaign concepts from scripts, storyboards to animatics.
Creative Director: Bryan Schaeffer
Executive Producer: Mark Fiejo
Sound Design: Bad Animals Tom McGurk
Radio Concept
(Outer Market / Portland Vancouver)
SFX: Birds chirping, rushing water, breeze outside sounds
Announcer Voice: This is Joe
Joe: Hi everybody
Announcer Voice: Joe is an extreme athlete
Joe: That’s right
Announcer Voice: Joe braves the highest rushing waters, the biggest drops, at the most terrifying speeds
Joe: Yep
Announcer Voice: Joe, where can such spectacles be found, the remote regions of Peru, the heights of the Himalaya, the rugged expanses of Russia?
Joe: Federal Way
Pregnant Pause: Birds chirping etc.
Joe: I just drive to Wild Waves
Announcer Voice (Immediately jumps into hard sell):
Wild Waves now featuring outrageous attractions, Timberhawk, LumberJack Falls, Zipline, I5 Skydive, spectacles worth traveling the far reaches of the earth for.  Only you don’t have to...
GO Fast
Go Fun 
Go Wild
“GO WILD, moments that last a lifetime.”
Radio Concept
(Summer Season / Season Pass)
Dreamy state, splashing water, cheers etc.
Woman Voice: 
“I remember it like it was yesterday.  The warmth of the sunshine, camaraderie of my friends, excitement of splashing into the water.  
Sliding through a field of sun dappled colors.  
The anticipation…
I was young, the world was full of promise…
Tween Voice (Interrupting): 
“Mom, we were at Wild Waves Yesterday!  
And with the season pass we can go back today.  
Quit day dreaming and let’s go!”
Announcer Voice: (Describes offers, packages etc)
“GO WILD, moments that last a lifetime.”
Radio Concept
(35 Year Anniversary)
Stories of demographic parents memories of good times they had when they were kids.
Man Voice:  “I’ll never forget how much fun we had that day at Wild Waves” I was a perfect day, like time stood still...  Yeah, times were different, ... neon green isn’t so hot any more, but with all the new rides its funner than ever at Wild Waves, I’m taking my kids to Wild Waves.
Go Family
Go Fun
Go 35
Announcer Voice: (Describes offers, packages etc)
We congratulate Wild Waves for 35 year of fun right in your backyard. 
Come join us for the 35 anniversary celebrations!  
“GO WILD, moments that last a lifetime.” Wild Waves
Radio Concept
(Fright Fest)
Tweens are texting/chatting on the phone/computer
SFX: typing sounds, phone texting sounds
Tween voices in rapid succession; Cindy is going, Are you going? Wayne is going, Are you going? Becky is going, Are you going? Sam is going, Are you going? etc.
Go Chilling
Go Thrilling
Go Scream
Go Fright Fest
Announcer Voice: (Describes offers, packages etc)
Wild Waves is now open for Fright Fest 
“GO WILD, moments that last a lifetime.”
Radio Concept
(Holiday With Lights)
Soft Relaxing Holiday Music, woman’s voice.  
Woman: The holidays are a special time for our family.  A time to reflect, 
Tween Son: a time for surprises! 
Woman: a time for the seasonal lights,
Tween Son: a time whirling spinning lights!
Woman: a quite peaceful tranquil time.
Tween Son: a time to scream!
Announcer Voice: (Describes offers, packages etc)
Now there is holiday fun to make to make moments
that last a lifetime for the entire family Go Wild Waves 
GO Family
GO Fun
GO Holiday With Lights 
“GO WILD, moments that last a lifetime.”

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