ZONES Amplify Opening Video Reel

Fremont Studios |  Five Screens including Panoramic 3 projector blend  |  WATCHOUT timeline for 90 minute keynote including looping backgrounds, presenter stingers, ambient evening loops and awards ceremony
Agency: Mind Opera
Client: ZONES
Creative Director: Brian Benthin
Event Director: Erik Franklin
Photography / Editor: David Johnson
Art Direction / Visual Post Production: Bryan Schaeffer,
Visual Post Production: Alex van Gelder
Music: Tom McGurk
Audio Post: Bad Animals
 Cue Zones in 5,4,3,2, 1
We’re taking everything great about Zones…  
We’re raising our voice
Cranking up our go-to-market strategy
And amping up the customer experience
Expanding our small, mid-market, enterprise, healthcare, public sector and IoT teams
Doubling the number of sales professionals and tripling the technical resources in over 32 U.S. cities 
Supporting clients in over 80 countries around the world
We’re a single source provider for IT products, services, and solutions
that’s fine-tuning our partnership program
Recalibrating the marketing engine
Unveiling new digital platforms
And elevating the brand
For extraordinary success in 2016 
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